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Selene: a lunar construction game

For Educators

This section provides educators with information to help them use Selene as an effective learning tool.

Announcing MoonGazers
Reach for the Moon through Engaging Gameplay

An image that reads Moon Gazers

Turn your students into MoonGazers or become a MoonGazer yourself!

First use the Internet, a videogame, and a virtual world to learn the solar system’s basic geological processes. Then – go outside and explore the Moon.

Selene videogame players create their own Moon. MoonWorld players explore the lunar surface in virtual reality through an avatar. Follow-up unit activities turn students into MoonGazers. Inquiry-driven, these are great opportunities for students and teachers. And, did we mention – it’s all free!

What's it like to play Selene? Watch fifth and seventh grade students in the Ohio County (WV) Schools Anchor program play the game.

Image of Selene Inquiry CycleTeacher Resource:
The CyGaMEs Gameplay Inquiry Cycle

Learning through gameplay is learning through problem solving. Gameplay inquiry may challenge students. Please download and print a copy of both the CyGaMEs Gameplay Inquiry Cycle and annotations for each of your students. Review the cycle with you students and discuss what each step means. Encourage your students to practice gameplay inquiry for successful game-based discovery and application of new knowledge.

CyGaMEs recruiter Mrs. Rochelle McCartin piloted the Cycle in her computer classes on a Friday in late December, 2013. She wrote:

Image of Rochelle McCartin“I loved how discussing the Gameplay Inquiry Cycle with my students helped me walk them through a scientific method for playing the Selene game. Using a Socratic style, I was able to lead the students to conclusions on how they could control their Selene game environment. We started out by reading each of the steps on the Cycle and discussing what that step meant when applied to the game. I then summarized that playing Selene and using the Gameplay Inquiry Cycle is applying a scientific method of thinking. Not being a science teacher, I found the Inquiry Cycle helpful for me to better understand the connection between Selene and STEM learning to better instruct the students. Selene is more than learning about the Moon or using technology or being part of a research project to see if students can learn from video games; using the Gameplay Inquiry Cycle, Selene is a fun way to learn and apply the scientific method. I think the Gameplay Inquiry Cycle helped students organize their thoughts and build confidence that they could manage the environment and succeed in the game.”

Twenty-eight of Mrs. McCartin’s students logged into Selene after the class and school on Friday. By Monday, 24 had completed Selene.

Our collection of state standards is currently under development. We encourage you to tell us how Selene aligns with your state's standards. Please e-mail any documentation, and we will add you to our list.

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