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Selene: a lunar construction game


CyGaMEs Selene Badge Series: Badges for NASA Activities

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Dear CyGaMEs Selene Recruiter:

In partnership with Badges for NASA Activities, we are happy to announce the release of the CyGaMEs Selene Lunar Geologist: Earth and Space Science badge series. This series contributes toward a suite of badges earned and awarded through Mozilla and the MacArthur Foundation for competence in NASA activities. Selene is one of the Earth and space science topics. Players may also sign up for a Mozilla Open Badge Backpack. Badges provide a process outside of formal education through which people earn and certify competence.
  • Your players who finish Selene automatically qualify for a Three Star CyGaMEs Selene Lunar Geology badge/certificate for successfully discovering and applying the concepts of heat, mass, and radiation.
  • All players, even players who completed Selene a long time ago, may use their Selene login to retrieve badges.
  • All players can replay Selene to increase their learning and performance to the Seven Star level. The Seven Star badge/certificate certifies that players have discovered and successfully applied the CyGaMEs Selene lunar geology concepts of heat, mass, radiation, density, impact cratering, volcanism, and lava placement. CyGaMEs will release the Seven Star badge on or before June 30, 2013.
  • The Best Moon Builders: Read [link: ] about a Badging award ceremony conducted for nine sixth grade students.

To Retrieve a CyGaMEs Selene Badge

Players retrieve their badges from a link at the top of the Selene postgame webpage. They simply click the Three Star badge image to link to the badging site.

Players who finish can continue to the postgame site after clicking DONE on the Selene player completion card.


Selene finishers can return to Selene at a later time, log in as a returning player, and select POSTGAME.

Badges requires an EMAIL address to process badges. The badges website does not store the email address. It simply sends an email message to that address. Players younger than 13 will receive an email with a link for downloading a badging certificate. Players 13 or older will receive an email with a link to the Mozilla Open Badge Backpack login. They will be able to store the Selene badges in their Mozilla backpack AND save and print the badging certificate.Players may request each badge only once. Therefore, the following are essential:
  • Each player must have the address for a working email account when requesting a badge.
  • Each player must ACCURATELY type the email address into the badge request.
  • Each player must access their email account to receive the retrieval links.
Thank you for joining the CyGaMEs Selene community. We hope all of your students complete the game and earn both Three and Seven Star badges.


The CyGaMEs Team