Presented By CyGames
Selene: a lunar construction game


At the Center for Educational Technologies we believe games can prepare people with just the right knowledge to be successful at learning. Through a grant from the National Science Foundation, we conduct research to see if this is true. Our research project, CyGaMEs, uses the Selene game to introduce players ages 9-18 (previously 13-18) to concepts about the Moon's geology. Researchers track players' gameplay to study how Selene helps players to learn about the geology of the Moon.

Selene recruiters are approved adults who invite youth to join the Selene game player community. They also speak with parents and guardians to verify player age and permission to play Selene.

On this page you will find:

Here's what you need to do to become a recruiter:

  1. Download, print, and review the Recruiter Gateway Handbook. [link]
  2. Watch Training Videos. Refer to the Handbook as you watch all six training videos. Download the video file type that will perform best on your playback system. Although we recommend all trainees download the videos for playback, our testing indicates Chrome users who select the QuickTime version MUST download the videos for playback of both audio and video. Windows Media Video users must download and install the FREE GoToMeeting Codec to view the files.

  3. Schedule a recruiter registration appointment.
    After you watch the six training videos, e-mail CyGaMEs schedules a limited number of ten-minute recruiter registration appointments. Within the body of the email message, certify that you have downloaded the Handbook and watched all six parts of the recruiter training videos. Within the email, also list your contact information:
    • First name.
    • Last name.
    • E-mail address.
    • Phone number.

    We will e-mail you a date and time for your recruiter orientation interview. After August 15, 2014, all appointments may be conducted via webinar. If you are located outside the United States, we will conduct your orientation as a webinar.

    * GMT Conversions
    Eastern Standard Time = GMT - 5.
    Eastern Daylight Time (second Sunday in March, 2 AM - first Sunday in November, 2 AM) = GMT - 4.

  4. Complete recruiter registration during orientation appointment. All interested adults must watch the six training videos and complete an orientation interview to register as a recruiter. The training videos describe the CyGaMEs research protocols and answer most questions. During your recruiter registration appointment, a CyGaMEs recruitment coordinator will confirm you are an adult. If you agree to research protocols, the coordinator will register you as a recruiter. "" will e-mail a Recruiter Welcome Message containing directions for accessing your recruiter site.

Once you're registered as a recruiter, here's how you grant access to players:

  1. Obtain informed consent.
    Distribute Selene informed consent [en español] to parent/guardian and obtain permission for child to play Selene and participate in the research project.

  2. Obtain access code.
    Follow directions in your Recruiter Welcome Message to log on to the recruiter site. Request player access codes from the recruiter site. The site will immediately display your player access codes. Save them for your records. Assign one access code to each eligible player. Record assignment for your records.

  3. Grant access to player.
    Prepare a Player Information Form for each eligible player (contains game URL, your email address, and access code). Distribute one Player Information Form to each eligible player.