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CyGaMEs Poster Highlighted at Meeting

Date Posted: Fri Apr 23 2010

Not only was the CyGaMEs research being carried out at the Center for Educational Technologies the subject of a poster presentation at a meeting of principal investigators for National Science Foundation (NSF) grantees in the REESE program, the poster itself was highlighted in a presentation by an NSF-affiliated presenter.

Dr. Debbie Denise Reese, senior educational researcher and principal investigator for the CyGaMEs project studying videogame learning, presented "CyGaMEs Timed Report: Embedded Tool for Evaluation and Assessment" at the March 11 meeting. The poster, designed by Cassie Lightfritz, graphic designer at the Center for Educational Technologies, was highlighted in a presentation by Sarah-Kay McDonald of the Center for Advancing Research and Communication (ARC), which facilitates dissemination of the REESE projects.

The CyGaMEs poster and McDonald's presentation are available online.

The full presentation on ARC and the services it provides to the REESE community as well as the virtual poster hall are available via the 2010 REESE PI meeting website.