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CyGaMEs Is Subject in Technology Yearbook

Date Posted: Thu Apr 29 2010

The CyGaMEs approach to videogame design and assessment is the subject of a chapter in an upcoming book on instructional design.

The 2011 Educational Media and Technology Yearbook (Vol. 36), which is still in press, will feature a chapter from Dr. Debbie Denise Reese, senior educational researcher at the Center for Educational Technologies and principal investigator of the CyGaMEs project. Her chapter will be entitled "An Instructional Design Approach to Effective Instructional Game Design and Assessment."

The CyGaMEs project started as NASA-funded research into videogame design at the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future, and it continues under a National Science Foundation grant. CyGaMEs examines the effective design and assessment of educational videogames and ways they can present important science concepts. In the book chapter Reese summarizes CyGaMEs' theoretical foundations, introduces its method, describes its assessment tools, and summarizes research that demonstrates how game-based technologies can be used to authentically assess knowledge growth as it occurs during game-based learning. She argues that theoretically and empirically sound instructional design methods like CyGaMEs enhance the effectiveness of game-based learning and assessment.

The 2011 Educational Media and Technology Yearbook (Vol. 36) will be available from Springer Press in New York.