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Selene: a lunar construction game

IBM Serious Games Day Features Selene Game

Date Posted: Wed Feb 18 2009

Dr. Debbie Denise Reese, senior educational researcher at the Center for Educational Technologies®, presented the CyGAMEs approach to instructional game design and assessment and demonstrated Selene: A Lunar Construction GaME to industry and academic leaders during IBM's first Serious Games Day on Feb. 10 at IBM's headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC.

The Selene game was developed to investigate how NASA science can be delivered through educational videogames. The research continues under a grant from the National Science Foundation.

According to IBM, the serious games event "brought together industry and academic leaders around an emerging sector of the local economy that impacts both businesses, consumers, and students. Together, regional leaders [discussed] the evolution of serious games, and their increasingly important role in developing leaders and other job-related skills."

Reese was one of about a dozen presenters who demonstrated serious games that are currently being used in businesses, government, academia, and healthcare industries.