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Researcher Presents Two Papers at Conference

Date Posted: Thu Apr 12 2007

A NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future researcher presented two papers at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association held April 9-13 in Chicago. The papers chronicle NASA-funded research.

Dr. Debbie Denise Reese's first paper, Increasing Flow During Middle School Science with the e-Mission™ Live Simulation and the DiSC Argumentation Tool, reports findings of a 2005 study the Classroom of the Future™ conducted with NASA Explorer Schools. Fifty Explorer Schools teachers from across the country served as research partners in the three-month study to determine factors that increase learners' inspiration. Results suggest that live simulations (in particular, e-Mission: Operation Montserrat, offered through the Challenger Learning Center® at the Center for Educational Technologies®, home of the Classroom of the Future) along with the Classroom of the Future's learning technology tool (Discussion in a Scientific Context, or DiSC) enhanced aspects of learners' inspiration and ability to engage in the study of science.

Reese's second paper, Designing the Metaphor-enhanced Virtual World, combines Classroom of the Future research this year that defined methods for assessment of learning in games with 2004 Classroom of the Future research into applying cognitive science metaphor theory to the design of instructional environments.