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Selene: a lunar construction game

State Standards

West Virginia: by Robin Anglin, West Virginia Department of Education Science Coordinator

Robin Anglin, science coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Education, reviewed Selene and certified that the game aligns with a number of West Virginia state standards and may be used as part of instruction: “The Selene game does provide opportunities for students to engage in computer simulations as they explore science concepts addressed in the WV curriculum and may be used as part of the instruction for those objectives.” Read letter of authorization.

Selene aligns to the following objectives in WV Policy 2520.3, the K-8 Science Content Standards and Objectives.

  • SC.O.5.2.4—Explore and explain how fossils and geologic features can be used to determine the relative age of rocks and rock layers.
  • SC.O.6.2.14—Describe the composition and properties of matter (e.g., particles, malleability, melting point, density, inertia, or specific heat).
  • SC.O.6.2.18—Describe the flow of heat between objects (e.g., hot air rises, or absorption and release of heat by metals).
  • SC.O.6.2.20—Correlate the relationship of mass to gravitational force (e.g., larger the mass the larger the gravitational force, or the closer the objects the stronger the force).
  • SC.O.6.2.27—Recognize the phases of the Moon*.
  • SC.O.6.2.28—Investigate models of Earth-Moon-sun relationships (e.g., gravity, time, or tides).
  • SC.O.7.2.01—Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships among physics, chemistry, biology, Earth/environmental science, and astronomy.
  • SC.O.7.2.31—Determine the relevant age of rock layers using index fossils and the law of superposition.

Selene aligns to WV Policy 2520.3 process objectives: Use a variety of technologies and scientific instruments to conduct explorations, investigations, and experiments of the natural world.

Selene also aligns to WV Policy 2520.14 addressing 21st century learning skills and technology tools, and within that policy, Standard 21C.S.5.8.2—Demonstrate the ability to explore and develop new ideas, to intentionally apply sound reasoning processes, and to frame, analyze, and solve complex problems using appropriate technology tools.

*Requires MoonGazers component.